Land Register Reports

As part of the conveyancing process it is normal that a Legal Report will be requested.  The purpose of a Legal Report is to collate various information and give reassurance that the person purporting to have title to property actually does and that neither party is affected by an entry in the Register of Inhibitions.

The report will typically contain the following:-

  • Details of the current proprietor of the property, details of any outstanding securities and details of deeds registered after the registration date which affect the subjects.
  • Details of any applications which are currently undergoing registration, this could include things like the granting of servitude rights, or the sale of a part of the property.
  • Details of any advance notices against the title.  This is a notice which protects a deed intended to be registered in the Land Register, between 2 or more parties for a 35 day protected period.
  • Details of any inhibitions / insolvencies which may have been registered against any of the parties which are to be involved in the proposed transaction.
  • The report will also include a copy of the current Land Certificate and a copy of the plan.

Our team have vast experience in the provision of these types of reports and are producing them daily for a range of clients in the normal course of conveyancing transactions.

One of the interesting aspect which occasionally comes up when an updated Land Certificate is obtained, is when a title plan which may have been created some number of years ago, has subsequently been updated to show a more current view of whats on the ground, by way of the underlying OS map having been updated.  In some cases it will perhaps simply show the addition of an extension to a property or a new outbuilding, but it may disclose that a boundary feature is not in the same place on the ground as it is shown on the title.

In the case of the latter, the discrepancy may have come about for a number of reasons and may be dealt with in a number of ways, however, it is always best to know about issues such as these well in advance of any sale in order that the correct legal advice can be sought as to the best way to resolve any potential problem.

We are able to supply current copies of all Land Certificates and are able to attend on site to survey the boundaries and also provide layered mapping to assist the legal advisors in assisting with these types of problems.

If you think that we may be able to assist you, or you would just like to see the up to date position of your title, please do get in touch with us and our team will do their best to assist.